Alternative Energy

We are always keeping an eye on the latest innovations in the alternative and clean energy sectors for the BSP Fund. Here are some of the stories that caught our interest this week.

Tackling Africa’s power poverty with renewable energy by Kristine Pearson on The World Economic Forum

The topic of sustainable methods of alternative energy is becoming increasingly common in development talks. The recent World Economic Forum on Africa, held in Cape Town, displayed this new focus in the context of global risks, grid infrastructure, and policy framework. It is important to remember the impact that renewable energy can have on a country’s GDP as well as its citizens.

IFC Invests in Flexenclosure to Help Cell-Phone Operators Cut Energy Costs in Emerging Markets by Josef Skoldeberg on IFC

This week, the IFC, a member of the World Bank Group, is investing $12 million in Flexenclosure. Flexenclosure uses renewable energy to optimize energy consumption for mobile phone companies. This efficient and sustainable use of energy helps to lower costs for the companies, and ultimately their mobile customers. We’ve seen quite a few companies working to make mobile base stations more efficient and it’s an exciting intersection of two of our sector focuses.

How can business help boost access to energy for those who need it most? by Emma Wilson on The Guardian Sustainable Business

While many scientists are working to create usable forms of nuclear energy, social entrepreneurs and development organizations are helping to provide affordable forms of renewable energy to the 1.4 billion people living in energy poverty. One such organization is SunFunder, a crowdfunding organization that recently invested $20,000 in SunnyMoney‘s solar light program. These innovative organizations are helping to increase access to low-income energy consumers in order to promote development.

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