Our mission is to reduce poverty in underserved markets through risk capital investments in innovative alternative energy, agricultural technology, and mobile technology startups.

What We Do

Invested Development is an impact investment management firm. Founded in 2009, ID is a leading innovator in early-stage financing for tech startups. ID funds startups that are committed to serving the world’s underserved markets. In 2011, ID launched the BSP Fund, a seed-stage equity fund for mobile/ICT, alternative energy, and agricultural technology startups. To date, the BSP Fund has made seventeen investments across nine countries.

We focus on seed-stage, for-profit social enterprises with innovative solutions for underserved populations. If you’re a social entrepreneur seeking funding for a startup, please visit the Seed page for our criteria.

Our Investment Focus Philosophy

Invested Development believes that innovative technology can contribute to the reduction of global poverty. Despite real progress and impact, decades of international aid and donor-supported programs have left nearly 1.5 billion people in abject poverty. ID recognizes that we must merge the heart of the social sector with the efficiency of the free market to finish what they started.

Why Mobile Technology?

Mobile communications have experienced the fastest adoption of any technology in history. There are over five billion mobile phones in the world. Even in emerging markets (see a selection below), mobile penetration has been on an explosive climb in the last five years.

We invest in mobile transaction systems that leverage the high mobile penetration rates for scale and impact. Mobile transactions systems can extend access to information and financial services to underserved populations.

Why Alternative Energy?

Over 1.4 billion people in the world live in energy poverty. This means that they have no access to electricity, or their energy source is unsafe and unreliable. Consequently, millions of mobile phone users cannot keep their phones charged. For these reasons, we seek to invest in storage, management, and harvesting solutions that are a safe and sustainable alternative to the grid or kerosene. Micro energy systems provide energy at the human, household, and small village scale to populations beyond the reach of reliable grid energy or safe alternatives.

Why Agriculture Technology?

The world’s demand for food is expected to grow by 70% by 2050. We must meet this need without gaining any resources, such as land or water, but also with a declining labor force on the farm as economic increases lead to decreases in agriculture in employment. Technology solutions that optimize resources and increase efficiency are the answer. Our approach to agriculture technology is to find new solutions that provide ways for small farmers to become more profitable and environmentally-friendly, and to contribute to a secure and safe global supply of food.