ICT Developments in Africa

Lack of reliable internet connectivity, local data storage and hosting services negatively impact the productivity of SMEs in Africa. Entrepreneurs have identified the need for affordable, reliable ICT products and services and companies like Angani and BRCK are stepping up to develop and market innovative solutions. Below are recent articles looking at recent developments in ICT across Africa. Kenya’s Angani Formally Launches Cloud Services by Tom Jackson on Disrupt Africa Our portfolio company, Angani, a fully automated cloud infrastructure startup, formally launched its cloud and hosting services on April 8th.  Angani is the first fully automated cloud infrastructure company in Africa, its services focus on SMEs, financial services and media industries on the continent. These services will enable businesses to leverage the flexibility of the cloud for data workloads such as enterprise and web applications. With the flexibility to increase capacity only when they need to, Angani delivers costs savings and efficiency that businesses were severely lacking in the past. Cloud Services to Improve in Africa on Spy Ghana Wale Odeyemi, Executive Head of International Products at Vodacom, reflects on his extensive consultations with companies across Africa, stating that most enterprises show enthusiasm about the potential for cloud services, but most are looking to service providers for guidance on where to begin, and how to effectively use services. Until recently, cloud adoption across the continent has been hampered by concerns surrounding poor connectivity, lack of understanding, availability of bandwidth, and the security of data stored in the cloud. Today however, high speed data networks are rapidly being rolled out across the continent, resulting in a drop in prices and an increase in awareness of the benefits of the cloud. Africa Forum to Discuss Spectrum Challenges, Broadband Connectivity by Emma Okonji on AllAfrica ICT stakeholders across Africa will converge in Nairobi, Kenya for the 10th annual Spectrum Africa Workshop in June to continue the conversation on spectrum challenges and discuss solutions to enhancing broadband connectivity throughout Africa. The Workshop is designed as a capacity building programme for policy makers, regulators, operators, legislators, universities and their associated research establishments concerned with the development of the ICT industry. Key stakeholders from African countries are provided with a forum to coordinate positions on ICT issues and work to allocate resources and develop solutions to these issues. New Here?