Renewable Energy Technology

We are always looking out for our next investments for the BSP Fund. Here are some of the stories that caught our attention in the renewable energy field this week.

The green transformation is under way by Thomas Kerr and Brindusa Fidanza on World Economic Forum

Resource scarcity and climate change are becoming more prevalent issues for policymakers, including those at the recent World Economic Forum. Policymakers are aware of the need to implement influential legislation to control these issues. This has materialized in the Forum’s Green Growth Action Alliance, which is focused on creating an economically and environmentally sustainable path for governments, businesses, and civil society leaders to create change. Their action plan is available in the Alliance’s first Progress Report.

Solar Energy: African economies’ secret weapon by Keith Proctor on CNN Money

Energy poverty is a serious problem around the world, particularly in off-grid Africa. In an effort to reduce harmful kerosene, solar power has become a major player in the African energy market. Among many companies that have designed low-cost solar powered batteries is Fenix International, whose ReadySet unit is primarily designed to assist in mobile phone charging. Additionally organizations such as our own EGG-energy and Simpa Networks are working to combat energy in Tanzania and India.

Powering the BoP by Sowmya Suryanarayanan on Next Billion

Micro-grid clean energy enterprises, such as Mera Gao Power, Gram Power, and DESI Power, in India are quickly moving toward widespread power generation and distribution. Decentralized energy access is crucial to meet the needs of the BoP, as evidenced by these models and that of our own Simpa Networks, as well. These companies can be more effective in reaching rural populations and have developed innovative payment and metering solutions.

Renewable Power Bridging the Digital Divide in Off-grid Africa by Fran Witt on

Access to safe and affordable energy is one of the largest obstacles faced by people living in developing countries. This is particularly evident in Tanzania, where approximately 85% of the regional population lives off-grid. Many organizations throughout the region, such as Renewable World, are working to increase access to energy through renewable energy like wind-solar hybrid projects.

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