Weekly Review November 10-16: Technology Innovation in Emerging Markets

Technology innovation is emerging from all corners of the world, aided by an increasingly connected and growing youthful demographic. Read on for highlights on the latest opinions and news on technology innovation for development.

What will it take to unearth Africa’s next great innovator?” by Stuart Thomas on Memeburn
We know that Africa is full of eager entrepreneurs and innovators. To find them is often the hard part. We also know that the median age in Africa is a youthful 18, which presents a bright future for Africa. As they become increasingly connected, opportunities will arise more frequently as will their ability to turn willingness into action. This is all the more reason to continually support ICT innovations.

Tanzania | A Tale of Two Tech Hubs” by Sam Charoz on iHub blog
Tanzania is not to be overlooked as an East African tech hub. Despite poor infrastructure (13% electrification and relatively low mobile penetration), we’re seeing peace and stability, increases in fiber optic submarine cables, and declines in ICT costs in the country. Tanzanian innovators at Kinu-hub and COSTECH are confident that the continued growth of the ICT sector will create jobs, stimulate entrepreneurship, and slowiy overcome logistical and technical shortcomings.

Rockefeller Innovation Challenge Winners” on TechSangam
Although the Rockefeller Innovation Challenge wrapped up a few months ago, TechSangam recently published a great roundup of the winners to refresh our memory. The innovations are in three key areas: farming, irrigation, and decoding data. The mix of mobile technology and market-based solutions intrigues us and we’re excited to see innovations coming from all corners of the world. In the farming and irrigation categories, we predict that there will be a lot that the developed world can learn from the innovations in the developing world.
Looking North: Investigating Technology Innovation & Entrepreneurship in North Africa” by Will Mutua on Afrinnovator
Will makes a good point: African innovation seems to be centered on a select few hubs in the East, West, and South of Africa. Egypt and the rest of the North are often overlooked. Head over to Afrinnovator check out the stats on Egypt and Tunisia, two countries with several notable startups and stats as impressive as those of their Sub-Saharan neighbors.

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