Weekly Review September 1-7

The Economist, the International Energy Agency, and the World Economic Forum, and the Indian government each advocated for innovation in alternative energy technologies this week. Continue reading to find out what they said.

Solar lighting: Lighting the way” on The Economist
Like mobile phones before them, the price of solar lighting is falling. Entrepreneurs are seeking to apply the same thinking that surrounds mobile phones to alternative energy technologies:  make technology affordable and accessible to quickly improve the user’s quality of life. Novel business models like Simpa Networks’ PAYGO solution and high-performing, well-designed technologies have the potential to change the way billions of people access energy in emerging markets. Check out the article for other businesses working in the space.

Presentation: “Tapping technology’s potential to secure a clean energy future” by Ms. Maria van der Hoeven, Executive Director of the International Energy Agency
The International Energy Agency (IEA) is advocating for technological development in the clean technology arena. Energy demand has doubled in the past 40 years and, not surprisingly, CO2 emissions have too. Director van der Hoeven calls for countries to increase their R&D expenditure on energy. At Invested Development, we also advocate for innovation surrounding energy technology on the macro level, and on the individual and household levels as well.

Industry-changing Companies Recognized as Technology Pioneers” on World Economic Forum
The World Economic Forum announced its 2013 Technology Pioneers last week and our portfolio company, Promethean Power, is on the list.  Promethean and the other Tech Pioneers represent the world’s leading and most innovative companies in IT, energy, and health sciences. Promethean is recognized for its proven technology in alternative energy storage in off-grid areas and its potential for impact. Read the profiles of all of the Tech Pioneers here. Previous Tech Pioneers include the likes of DropBox and Kayak.com.

India to hunt for patented technology to bridge innovation gap” on the Times of India
The Indian government’s Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR) has identified six technology areas that have innovation gaps. In light of its goals for installed solar capacity, both at the national and regional levels, solar energy is one of the six areas. To stimulate innovation and show its support, the DSIR will designate funding for SMEs developing technologies to help them scale.

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