Weekly Review August 25-31

Ghana Market St

African innovation is making headlines everywhere from The Economist to The Guardian. It’s nice to see that the grassroots feel of startup tech community is not lost in translation.


’There are more mobile phones in Uganda than light bulbs’: A Chat with Mark Kaigwa about Africa” by Robin Wauters on The Next Web
Mark Kaigwa is the manager behind one of our favorite blogs, Afrinnovator, and has some of the best insight into the Nairobi tech startup scene. He recently presented at the Media Evolution conference in Sweden. The Next Web caught up with him afterward, check out the video below as Kaigwa recounts the innovations that are changing Africa. Watch The Next Web Interview with Mark Kaigwa.

Africa innovations: 15 ideas helping to transform a continent” by Mina Holland, Ian Tucker, Monica Mark, Annie Kelly, and Olivia Honigsbaum on The Guardian
Described as “new ideas that are tackling old problems,” The Guardian showcases 15 innovations in Africa. The solutions range from mobile applications for agricultural management, to portable irrigation, to short-term mobile loans. The authors then analyze each problem-solving method and present the verdict, or the impact of the innovation.

Mega trends to drive African communication and innovation” on IT News Africa
Frost and Sullivan hosted its second annual Growth, Innovation, and Leadership Event last week in South Africa. Neotel’s CEO Sunil Joshi identified four trends that will drive African innovation around information and communication technology for both small entrepreneurs and large telecoms. The four “mega trends” include infrastructure development, urbanization trends, efforts to connect the unconnected, and regional integration to better connect people and businesses.

Upwardly Mobile” on The Economist
In the past year, The Economist has warmed up to the opportunity for innovation in Africa. Once calling it the “Hopeless Continent,” this week the publication featured the excitement around Nairobi’s technology startup scene.  Investors, incubators, and technology professionals are piling into the East African city. The article mentions key players from Savannah Fund to iHub to 88mph’s Startup Garage on Ngong Road in Nairobi, home to Invested Development’s Nairobi office.

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