Weekly Review July 14-20

Check out this week’s headlines on impact investing.

Ten reforms to grow the social investment market” on Social Enterprise Live
A new report published by Stephen Lloyd and Luke Fletcher, lawyers at UK-based law firm BWB, outlines ten suggested legal reforms to stimulate social investment in the UK. Currently, there are many barriers to social investment in the UK including double regulation and financial burdens. Lloyd and Fletcher’s suggestions also provide a useful guideline for other countries looking to remove barriers to social investment.

Creating Shared Value” Interview with Rockefeller Foundation’s Justina Lai by Sujata Srinivasan on Forbes India
Justina Lai from Rockefeller Foundation discusses the growth and role of impact investing. She points out that philanthropic and public money alone will not meet all of the world’s social problems. The contribution of private investors like Invested Development is necessary. Because of the increasing interest from the private sector to align social values, it is likely that the sector will grow as its own asset class. Visit the article to read more of Justina’s insights.

Piecing Together Impact Investing, $4 Billion at a Time” by Ben Thornley on Huffington Post
Contrary to the belief that impact investing is ill-defined, Ben Thornley points out that there are two clear cut requirements of an impact investment: “one, that impact investments are made with the explicit intent to create social and/or environmental benefits in addition to financial returns; and two, that those benefits are quantified.” In fact, there are over $4 billion dollars committed to impact investing focused on a number of diverse causes.

Lesson #2 From an Impact Investing Newbie” by Sara Johnson on Village Capital Blog
Village Capital Program Associate Sara Johnson shares her perspective on impact investing after one a half months in Village Capital’s Atlanta office. She also compiled a list of useful literature on impact investing, useful for those currently in the field and those interested in learning more.

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