EGG-Energy Development Innoventures Salon

A few months ago, we highlighted EGG-energy’s innovative pricing and distribution strategy for the Base of the Pyramid. If you like EGG-energy‘s business model or discussing BoP strategies in general, then we recommend attending EGG-energy’s upcoming brainstorm session in Cambridge, MA, hosted by the Development Innoventures Salon. The session will open the conversation around three main topics:

  1. Pricing Strategy
  2. Marketing and Sales Strategy
  3. Growth and Distribution Strategy
It’s important for EGG-energy to grow sustainably and scale its model in order to create maximum impact in the vastly unelectrified Tanzania. Less than 10% of the Tanzanian population has access to reliable energy. EGG-energy’s business has the capacity to change that with a “portable grid.” The key is being able to offer scalable and affordable solutions with a low upfront cost.
If you’re interested in the for-profit social enterprise space, the BoP, innovation for development, and a “Netflix for batteries” business model, then please attend the brainstorm session on Thursday, October 20th at 6:30 pm.
About Development Innoventures Salon:

“DEVELOPMENT INNOVENTURES SALON is a new forum bringing together Boston’s Innovation-for-Development community. We brainstorm with emerging impact entrepreneurs attempting novel market- or technology-based solutions to intractable problems in the developing world. Salon participants problem-solve around key challenges these innovators face in launching and scaling their enterprises. The SALON aims to convene a multidisciplinary group of entrepreneurs, visionaries, business professionals, development professionals, investors, practitioners, technologists, academics, students, and polymaths.”