Weekly Review December 11-17

This week, headlines on technology and mobile phones in India caught our attention. The innovations and solutions to existing problems in the market continue to inspire us.
India’s ‘missed call’ mobile ecosystem” by Katie Fehrenbacker on Gigaom
This article called a missed call “the poor man’s text message” in India. The missed call is a great example of users in emerging markets taking advantage of the resources available to them. Although it means extremely low average revenue per user (ARPU), every telecom’s nightmare, it presents significant opportunities for innovation from social entrepreneurs.
The World’s Cheapest Tablet, Finally on Sale” by Margherita Stancati on WSJ India Blog
We first reported on this back in October, and now it is officially on the market. Aakash, the US$35 Android tablet made by DataWind is now available for sale. An upgrade is coming in the New Year, but this tablet should make a significant splash in India. You can order one here.
Pursuing a world of mobile wallets” on Times of India
Mobile phones are integrated into almost every aspect of daily life in India, yet there is still more room for mobile phones to provide valuable services.  For example, mobile banking seems to be playing a critical role in the quest answer for mass financial inclusion. This article in Time of India points to trends that would lead to the mobile phone and mobile wallets being in all facets of business and government.
The Planning Commission Deputy Chairman Montek Singh Ahluwalia is pushing for increased broadband and mobile penetration in India. Ahluwalia believes this will ultimately promote financial inclusion, while lowering the cost of doing so. This will eventually enable all citizens to receive the benefits of financial exchanges.
Thanks to everyone who came out to CleanTechThatMatters on Wednesday! We were delighted with the turnout and excited about all of the projects we heard about. Keep an eye out for the next one!

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