Rich People, Nerds, and the Kenyan Context: Thoughts from the Nairobi Office Part 2

Editor’s Note: This post is the second installment in Sean Smith’s series on Rich People, Nerds, and the Kenyan Context. Click here if you missed Part 1.

The Rich People

The most important kind of Rich Person a startup hub can have is successful technology entrepreneurs that are looking to support new startups.  Often, this is subject to a chicken and egg dilemma. Without support, introductions, and investment from successful industry veterans it is a difficult path for startups to find success.  Kenya, however, seems to be on the verge of graduating its first class of successful technology entrepreneurs.  Organizations like Kenya Data Networks, the Wananchi Group, Seven Seas Technologies, Craft Silicon, Cellulant, and Ushahidi have all been successful and are looking to support younger entrepreneurs.  In various ways, the founders of these companies are looking to invest in entrepreneurs and offer various support structures to help them grow.


Beyond just investment capital, support is offered to the tech community in the form of Njeri Rionge’s Business Lounge, Ushahidi’s iHub, the Plexus Group, 88mph, the m:Lab, and any of the other half dozen incubators currently in the works.  It is on the back of these support structures that young, creative entrepreneurs will be able to leverage the necessary funds, mentorship, and connections to launch successful tech enterprises.
Check back tomorrow to  learn about “The Nerds.”
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