Weekly Review – June 21st – June 25th

>Every week at ID, we look for articles related to impact investing, social entrepreneurship, or even our investees/investors. This week we join the community to announce the Echoing Green Fellows, share great news for funding social enterprises, great partnerships and investing in Africa. Come join us next week for more!

ID portfolio company, Promethean Power Systems has learned that strange bedfellows can lead to greater impact.  Learn how Promethean is working with Raytheon to provide solar powered daily coolers in rural India – and keep an eye out for the blurb about us!
Africa presents many opportunities for impact investors but, as this article illustrates, it is still not easy. The added risk associated with investing in these “muddy waters” increases the cost of capital. We need more people working to reduce those risks so that “market rate returns” in Africa don’t have to come at the expense of the people and environment.
Echoing Green 2010 fellows were announced this week. Invested Development is well represented by investee Jamie Yang (EGG-energy) and our friend Anna Elliot (Bamyan). 
The Ignia Fund, Latin America’s first and largest impact investing fund (co-founded by Invested Development ally Michael Chu), announced that they closed their first fund at $102 million. This is great news for impact Angel investors who will look to large impact funds to push portfolio companies through their growth stage.
We are a little partial because of the Kirin lamp that sits on our filing case (a gift from early D. Light investor Gray Ghost Ventures (aka – Gray Matters Capital)), but this is good news for the entire industry. An impact enterprise raising tech start-up dollars and garnering mainstream media attention for it is a signal for the fence sitters to cone one down.