Innovation for BoP: EGG-energy’s Pricing and Distribution Model

In a recent post, we discussed an innovative pricing model for the Base of the Pyramid with the example of Simpa Networks. This post introduces another innovative pricing model that demonstrates affordability a little differently, along with an innovative distribution model. EGG-energy, Simpa Networks, and the other companies in our portfolio understand that the customers they serve need basic affordability and accessibility.

EGG-energy has a growing number of charging stations and distribution

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Weekly Review May 30-June 3


Every week at ID we read as many articles as we can on our favorite industry topics. In searching for an alternative energy BETA Resident, we’re studying the types of innovative clean technology solutions out there. In addition to a great product or technology, innovative business models and applications of the technology inspire us and are the topic of this week’s Weekly Review.
Photo Credit: Port of San Diego under Creative Commons

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