Weekly Review April 14-20

Every week, we read dozens of articles on our favorite industry trends and relate to our investment thesis. We pick the most popular trend from the week and share the top articles along with our thoughts.

This week, we read about many different opportunities available for mobile and information communication technology innovators, including incubators, market growth, and improvements in infrastructure.… read more

Weekly Review January 8-14

2012 is going to be a big year for mobile money and financial inclusion. Below we highlight a few of the stories describing the increased adoption of mobile money (beyond Kenya) and the continued growth of financial inclusion and other benefits offered through mobile phones.

A Mobile Money Wish List for 2012” by Will Mutua on Afrinnovator
As a follow up to Mbwana Alliy’s prediction that increased mobile money services in Africa … read more

Weekly Review December 18-24

This week, we took a look at technology stories that will improve the African lifestyle.

Well done to Ushahidi on raising a $1.9 million round from Omidyar Network. However, as we know, not every Kenyan techie success story is carried with the same glory and ease demonstrated by M-PESA.  Ushahidi’s experience is a great example of the
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Poverty-Fighting Mobile Transaction Systems (Part 4): Social Capital

This is the fourth post in our series, “Leveraging Mobile Penetration at the BoP for Poverty-Fighting Mobile Transaction Systems.” Click the links below to catch up on anything you might have missed.

Social Capital – Networking and Participation

As we introduced in the first post, the key to a successful mobile technology applications to
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Poverty-Fighting Mobile Transaction Systems (Part 2): Mobile Money Transactions

Last week we introduced this series that will highlight the different ways mobile phones can combat poverty. This week, we will discuss the first example of a poverty-fighting mobile transaction system. Mobile money transfer services provide financial inclusion benefits for the unbanked, and are the most heralded impact of mobile penetration.

Mobile Money Transactions

Perhaps the most well-known mobile transaction systems that engage the base of the pyramid are mobile money transactions. The various flavors
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Weekly Review August 15-19

In response to the slow but steady increases in smartphone adoption and data usage in Africa, developers are releasing mobile applications to increase interoperability in the mobile money industry. This week, we read about new mobile apps appearing in emerging markets that increase access to financial services. We also read about mobile Internet access throughout Africa that allows for the adoption of such services. Africa is leveraging mobile technology for social change.

Kenya: Tech read more

Weekly Review July 11-15

At ID, we often discuss the benefits of mobile phones for those at the Base-of-the-Pyramid. Access to mobile phones is proven to increase financial inclusion and accessibility to basic goods and service. This Weekly Review examines the benefits of mobile phones specifically for migrant workers.

Forty million Indonesians do not have access to formal financial services. This lack of financial inclusion stunts growth and
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Weekly Review June 27 – July 1


This Weekly Review includes stories on a key industry trend: mobile penetration in Africa lending itself to financial inclusion and economic and social development. 
via Afrographique 

Mobile phones in Africa” by Ivan Colic via Afrographique 
We recently came across the blog Afrographique by Ivan Colic. Colic collects data from reliable sources like the World Bank or the IMF, and presents the information in aesthetically pleasing and easy-to-understand format. Check out
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Mobile Phones at the Base of the Pyramid: Accessibility and Affordability

This is our first post in a series on mobile technology’s proliferation and impact on the poor in emerging markets. We will highlight the players that helped create demand and the innovative ideas that continue to drive it.

Why Mobile Matters

Numerous studies have proven that connectivity increases income. For example, Robert Jensen, economics professor at Harvard, developed a study that tracked fishermen in southern India. The study found that by investing in cell phones, … read more