Weekly Review May 30-June 3


Every week at ID we read as many articles as we can on our favorite industry topics. In searching for an alternative energy BETA Resident, we’re studying the types of innovative clean technology solutions out there. In addition to a great product or technology, innovative business models and applications of the technology inspire us and are the topic of this week’s Weekly Review.
Photo Credit: Port of San Diego under Creative Commons

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Weekly Review May 16-20


This Weekly Review focuses on the economic and social opportunities in renewable energy and clean technology, especially within emerging markets to better the lives of the world’s poorest citizens.
SELCO solar panels in India at Simpa Site Visit
We know that there’s a certain connection between mobile technology and alternative energy, which is why they
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BoP Pricing Models

Social entrepreneurs face many challenges: finding the right impact investor, working with government regulations in emerging markets (or lack thereof), meeting the needs of citizens at the Base of the Pyramid, designing products and services that are profitable and scalable. Most importantly, social entrepreneurs must make their products and services affordable. The world’s poorest citizens have no savings and little access to formal credit, but that is not to say that they do not have … read more

Put your innovative idea into action with BETA


We’re looking for innovative, social-minded, and forward-thinking innovators with exceptional ideas that will change the lives of the world’s poorest citizens in emerging markets. It may seem like a difficult task, but we’re confident that innovative technology is the solution.

Our latest initiative is the Boston Emerging Technology Accelerator (BETA). Together with the BSP Fund and the Blue Sky Foundation, we have created BETA to support and commercialize technology focused on alternative energy and … read more

Introducing BETA

BETA offers funding BETA offers funding and support for exceptional innovators each year. As a precursor to seed-capital, BETA support is intended to push each innovator from idea to enterprise.
Exceptional mobile tech and alternative energy innovators with creative technological solutions for the underserved in emerging markets.
Innovators selected by BETA will spend six months prototyping their innovations and co-creating the new enterprises with Invested Development (ID). ID manages a successful seed-stage
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Weekly Review April 4 – 8


Every week at ID, we read about what we do and what we like. This week we read a lot about bringing alternative energy solutions to those who need them the most.  
The Models That Work” by Abby Callard
Entrepreneurs are working to bring products and services to the Base of the Pyramid (BoP). Social entrepreneurs aim to make real social change there and to eradicate poverty. Beyond Profit looks at
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