Renewable energy technologies have changed the landscape of the energy industry in a major way. However, because technologies like wind turbines and solar panels rely on nature to produce energy, they cannot work continuously. Today, innovators like the founders of our portfolio company, GELI, are developing ways to store energy to solve this problem. Below are recent articles highlighting the growth of energy storage and explaining the crucial role that energy storage will play … read more

The City of Benicia in California launched the first solar powered, grid-tied, battery-backed electric vehicle (EV) Fast Charging Station this summer. Our portfolio company Growing Energy Labs, Inc. (Geli) helped catalyze the project and supplied a critical piece of the puzzle: energy storage optimization software. Geli’s EOS (Energy Operating System) intelligently manages the charging station as a whole to determine when to draw from the solar panels on the roof, when to … read more

Our portfolio companies are regularly recognized for their work around the globe. Today, we’re highlighting the press recognition some of them have received in the last quarter.



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Invested Development Invests in Growing Energy Labs, Inc. (GELI) to Move the Networked Energy Storage Industry Forward  
July 22, 2013

Boston, MA & San Francisco, CA – Invested Development (ID), a seed-stage investment fund manager, has invested in Growing Energy Labs, Inc. (GELI), an innovative startup developing software for energy storage. GELI’s software integrates, networks, and economically operates energy storage, dramatically increasing the opportunity to bring alternative energy solutions mainstream.

GELI’s Energy … read more