This is our first post in a series on mobile technology’s proliferation and impact on the poor in emerging markets. We will highlight the players that helped create demand and the innovative ideas that continue to drive it.

Why Mobile Matters

Numerous studies have proven that connectivity increases income. For example, Robert Jensen, economics professor at Harvard, developed a study that tracked fishermen in southern India. The study found that by investing in cell phones, … read more



The businesses our industry is supporting are often referred to as social enterprises, social ventures, social businesses or impact enterprises. They are, by and large, businesses that not only do-no-harm, but intend to do-good[1]. Nomenclature aside, it is an industry that requires the belief that capitalism is the most effective way we know to efficiently bring products and services to the masses.
Before you label me as a Reagan Republican
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Invested Development is very close to celebrating our one-year anniversary (and I have the $500 incorporation renewal to prove it). For some reason, anniversaries often become times of reflection, introspection and (the always dangerous) existential pontification.  Considering that this is our very first anniversary, we have very little time for looking back or inwards, but we have spent a lot of time pondering our own existence.

So I’ll stick to the latter. Invested Development exists … read more